An investigation into the induction of the cellulase complex of has shown that crystalline cotton cellulose was effectively degraded by the system induced by scoured cotton but not by the system induced by Solka Floc. A variety of techniques including FPLC, chromatofocusing, SDS-PAGE and isoelectric focusing (IEF) were used to separate and characterize the individual cellobiohydrolases, endoglucanases, cellobiases and glucosidases involved in cellulose degradation. A statistical comparison of the enzymic activities of the differently induced systems after resolution by anion exchange chromatography revealed much lower carboxymethylcellulase activity in one of the pooled fractions from a Solka-Floc-induced preparation, suggesting that one of the endoglucanases is either absent or present at a reduced level. IEF separations indicated that the Solka-Floc-induced system lacked an endoglucanase with an alkaline pI.


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