The iron-stress-induced genes and have been cloned and sequenced from the marine unicellular cyanobacterium sp. PCC 7002. These genes code for a photosystem II chlorophyll-binding protein and flavodoxin respectively. The genes form a dicistronic operon that is transcriptionally activated under iron-stress conditions to produce an abundant monocistronic message containing and a much less abundant dicistronic message that also contains . The arrangement of these genes, their transcriptional control and the relative abundance of the monocistronic and dicistronic messages produced under iron stress parallels the pattern shown by the freshwater cyanobacterium sp. PCC 7942. The genes for the corresponding proteins found under iron-replete conditions, CP-43 and ferredoxin, have also been cloned and sequenced. Northern blot analysis indicates that both of these genes are constitutively expressed under both iron-stress and iron-replete conditions.


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