Effects of monovalent cations on luminescence and respiratory activity were studied in the marine luminous bacterium . Maximum oxygen uptake was observed in the presence of Naover the pH range tested (6.5–8.5). At alkaline pH, effects of monovalent cation on luminescence were similar to those on the oxygen uptake. Although KCN addition caused a marked increase in luminescence, the enhanced luminescence with Nawas still greater than that with Li. However, at acidic pH, Kincreases luminescence more than Nadoes. These results indicate that there is not only a competitive but also a cooperative relationship between luminescence and respiration. The respiratory NADH oxidase in the membrane fraction of showed some distinctive characters which are unique to the respiratory-dependent primary Napump, suggesting the possibility of coupling between the Napump and the luciferase system. This was also supported by the results from CCCP-resistant growth and luminescence at alkaline pH. The coupling mechanisms between luminescence and respiration in are discussed.


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