The genetic determinant coding for F165 fimbriae was cloned from the chromosome of the porcine wild-type strain 4787 (O115:K:H51:F165). The fimbrial determinant was further subcloned into the HI site of pACYC184 and a restriction map was established. On Southern hybridization, identity between the chromosomally encoded -like determinant of strain 4787 and its cloned counterparts was demonstrated. The cloned F165 fimbriae and those of the wild-type strain possessed a major protein subunit of molecular mass 18.5 kDa. Strains expressing F165 fimbriae were detected using an F165-specific polyclonal antiserum and caused mannose-resistant haemagglutination and agglutination of Forssman latex beads. Antiserum against the cloned F165 fimbriae recognized a 18.5 kDa band in the parent strain 4787.


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