The production and secretion of restrictocin (a cytotoxin that cleaves ribosomal RNA) by cultures of the fungus was investigated. Previous studies have indicated that restrictocin production in liquid culture coincides with the appearance of differentiated cell structures. A study of the correlation between the appearance of differentiated structures and restrictocin production was conducted with grown on agar medium. Restrictocin was found to be associated with the cell mass of the agar-grown culture (in contrast to liquid cultures), and was first observed when aerial hyphae emerged. Restrictocin levels increased until the time of conidiation, after which they fell off sharply. No restrictocin could be found in the agar medium. The presence of restrictocin upon and within various cell structures was determined by immunofluorescent laser microscopy. This study showed that restrictocin became localized to the conidiophores and phialides during the process of conidiation. Prior to this, restrictocin was found within the hyphae in localized concentrations that may correspond to secretory vesicles.


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