The precise location of the gene, encoding rhamnose permease, has been established between and at 3605–3607 kb of Kohara's physical map, which corresponds to 88·4 min on the chromosomal map. The dependence of the activity of the product on the function of , the rhamnose operon regulatory gene, was established by measuring rhamnose transport in wild-type and -deficient strains. The sequence of the interval displayed a single ORF corresponding to , which is transcribed counterclockwise on the chromosome. The ORF was shown to be preceded by a ribosome binding consensus sequence and a catabolite repression protein consensus sequence. The derived amino acid sequence displayed very low homology with any other permease and was clearly dissimilar to the homologous group formed by the xylose, arabinose, galactose and several glucose transporters. Analysis of the primary sequence identified potential membrane-spanning regions, possibly defining a protein structure model different from the one corresponding to the above-mentioned homologous group.


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