SUMMARY: In addition to the two siderophores pyoverdine and pyochelin synthesized by ATCC 15692 (strain PAO1), several siderophores produced by other bacteria or fungi, namely cepabactin, salicylic acid, desferriferrichrysin, desferriferricrocin, desferriferrioxamine B, desferriferrioxamine E and coprogen, were able to promote iron uptake with variable efficiencies into this bacterium. For most of these siderophores, these results were consistent with the growth stimulation produced by the same compounds in a plate bioassay. Desferriferrichrome A, enterobactin and desferriferrirubin, however, did not promote iron uptake, although enterobactin and desferriferrirubin stimulated bacterial growth. These paradoxical data are discussed in view of siderophore-inducible iron uptake systems, as demonstrated recently for enterobactin. Among the strains tested, including the wild-type PAO1, the pyoverdine-less mutant PAO6606 and the two porin-mutants H636 (::Ω) and H673 (::Tn), only for the porin-OprF mutant were fewer siderophores able to promote iron uptake compared to the other strains. Such results suggest that beside specific routes for iron uptake is also able to take up siderophore-liganded iron through OprF.


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