SUMMARY: Growth characteristics, as well as outer-membrane protein (OMP) and lipopolysaccharide (LPS) profiles in SDS-polyacrylamide gels, of two serotype A1 isolates of were examined under different growth conditions. The two isolates were chosen as representatives of disease (S/C 82/1) and non-disease (W/D 83/4) isolates, respectively. The growth rates and final cell densities of both isolates increased as the degree of aeration increased. In particular, the final cell densities varied significantly according to the degree of aeration. Under anaerobic conditions, however, both the growth rate and final cell density were significantly reduced. There was reduced expression of a 40.5 kDa protein under anaerobic conditions in both isolates, whereas in S/C 82/1 expression of the 71, 77 and 100 kDa iron-regulated proteins increased as aeration decreased. There were also differences in low-molecular-mass components of LPS between cells grown anaerobically and those grown aerobically. Growth in the presence of 5% CO did not significantly alter the growth rate and had little, if any, affect on OMPs or LPS. Differences in the expression of certain proteins occurred as growth progressed from the exponential to the stationary phase. Growth in the presence of the iron chelators 2,2′-dipyridyl, ethylenediaminedihydroxyphenylacetic acid (EDDA), desferrioxamine mesylate (desferal), ovotransferrin (conalbumin) and bovine transferrin was inhibited within a very narrow concentration range. In the presence of 2,2′-dipyridyl, EDDA or desferal, 71 and 100 kDa iron-regulated OMPs increased in both isolates whereas a 77 kDa protein increased in isolate S/C 82/1 only. In the presence of ovotransferrin or bovine transferrin there was, in both isolates, increased expression of the 71 kDa protein, a slight increase in expression of the 100 kDa protein but no expression of the 77 kDa protein; there was also increased production of the 40.5 kDa protein, and synthesis of two additional proteins of 23 and 26 kDa. Other differences occurred after growth in foetal and newborn calf sera. In foetal calf serum there was enhanced expression of the 71 but not of the 100 kDa protein. In newborn calf serum there was no enhanced expression of the 71,77 or 100 kDa proteins, but expression of novel proteins of 97 and 98 kDa as well as a high-molecular-mass protein occurred. There were also slight quantitative differences in the LPS profiles of cells grown in foetal or newborn calf sera compared to those of cells grown in other media. Addition of FeCl to the various media caused repression of synthesis of the 71, 77 and 100 kDa proteins in the presence of EDDA and repression of the 71 kDa protein in the presence of ovotransferrin and in foetal calf serum, but caused no change to the expression of proteins in newborn calf serum. Thus, marked changes may occur in the OMP and LPS components of the outer membrane of when growth conditions are altered; some of these changes may occur .


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