Summary: The gene () encoding phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PEPCase) in the cyanobacterium sp. PCC 7120 has been isolated, characterized and its nucleotide sequence determined. Heterologous hybridization using the sp. PCC 7942 gene as a probe of an genomic DNA library identified an 8·2 kb III DNA fragment that contained a 3·08 kb open reading frame encoding the cyanobacterial PEPCase. Deletion analysis of the 8·2 kb DNA fragment was used to determine sequences required for expression of enzyme activity in cells. Primer extension data have been used to identify the cyanobacterial transcription initiation site and the position of the start codon. Comparisons of the deduced amino acid sequence with the sp. PCC 6301, and higher-plant sequences have also been performed and the data are discussed with respect to conservation of specific regions of the protein.


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