Summary: Isoenzymes from 23 isolates belonging to the fungal genus , subdivision Basidiomycotina, were examined by polyacrylamide gel isoelectric focusing and protein blotting. A numerical analysis was then done based on the zymograms for acid phosphatase, diaphorase, esterases, leucine aminopeptidase, phosphoglucomutase and phenoloxidases. The resulting dendrogram of taxonomic distances demonstrated the suitability of enzyme isoelectric focusing for use in systematics, as it clearly distinguished the four well-defined species and The species , whose taxonomy is controversial, was separated from , and was classified as a distinct taxon. The delimitation of and strains appeared to be more difficult as they seemed to be closely related, the former with and the latter with Isoenzymes also proved to be valuable for strain characterization. Their potential application for providing biochemical markers useful in taxonomy is discussed.


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