Summary: The extracellular proteinase (EPR) of was induced in a medium containing bovine serum albumin as sole nitrogen source. There were two intracellular forms in cells induced to produce EPR, a 43 kDa protein (EPR) and a 45 kDa protein (cross-reacting material of EPR; CRM-EPR); these were detected by immunoblotting using anti-EPR antiserum. The 43 kDa protein (EPR) may be the same as the extracellular form judging by molecular mass, and the 45 kDa protein (CRM-EPR) may be a precursor form of EPR. Many dense granules were observed by electron microscopy near the plasma membrane of the mother cells in EPR-producing cells. Both the 43 and 45 kDa proteins were recovered in a membrane fraction and were solubilized by Triton X-100. When the membrane fraction was further fractionated by sucrose density gradient centrifugation, the 43 and 45 kDa proteins were differentially fractionated. This suggests that they were located in different membrane-bound structures and is consistent with an assumption that the 45 kDa protein is a precursor for EPR.


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