The activation of catalase genes in response to oxidative stress may contribute to the intracellular survival of mycobacteria. In this report, the nucleotide sequence of a mycobacterial catalase gene is described. The deduced protein sequence of this gene (M185) was 60% identical to the hydroperoxidase I (HPI) protein, 59% identical to the (HPI) catalase, and 47% identical to a peroxidase. The M185 protein, expressed in , has also been shown to have peroxidase and catalase activities. Furthermore, Southern blot hybridizations, which demonstrated that a M185 gene probe hybridizes with chromosomal DNA from thirteen different strains of mycobacteria, suggest that this catalase-peroxidase gene is prevalent in the mycobacterial genus. The availability of catalase gene probes should permit an evaluation, at the molecular level, of the role of catalase in mycobacterial pathogenesis.


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