The nucleotide sequence of the gene was determined. It codes for a protein of 262 amino acids. The sequences of the and EnvM proteins are 98% identical. Gene is preceded in by a 43-nucleotide-long structural element, termed ‘box C’, which occurs in several operons between structural genes. This sequence element is totally absent in . Gene was mapped at coordinate position 1366.8 kb of the physical map of Kohara (, 1987, 50, 495–508). As in , a Gly for Ser exchange at position 93 of the amino acid sequence leads to a diazaborine-resistant phenotype. A Ser for Phe exchange at position 241 of the EnvM protein results in a temperature-sensitive growth phenotype. Comparison of the EnvM amino acid sequence with sequences available in databases showed significant homology with the family of short-chain alcohol dehydrogenases.


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