Summary: In , constituents of the main recombination pathway are provided by the genes (RecA protein) and (RecBCD enzyme). Recombination in conjugation experiments and repair of UV damage of mutants deleted for , for or for plus were restored, although to different degrees, by the cloned and genes from or . When both recombination enzymes were from the same species, repair and recombination efficiencies had the order . However, the plus genes resulted in higher levels of repair and recombination than those obtained with one component from ( or ) and the other from or . The data provide evidence for the similarity of RecABCD pathways of recombination among enteric bacteria and suggest an advantage of an intraspecies combination of RecA protein and RecBCD enzyme over interspecies combinations. This could point to a cooperation between these basic recombination enzymes. The molecular processes which could be involved are discussed.


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