Summary: can utilize starch but not tributyrin as the sole carbon source, whereas can utilize tributyrin but not starch. mutant strain 193 was crossed to A to produce hybrids. The intergeneric hybrids were able to utilize both starch and tributyrin as sole carbon source. They were mitotically unstable and gave segregants during prolonged vegetative culture. The majority of these segregants had the phenotype of the parent, with a very low number of genetic recombinants. A more stable hybrid was produced by protoplast fusion between a mutant, , obtained from UV treatment of a Met mitotic segregant of the hybrid 14i and B 5 2 1 . Sixteen of the 40 mitotic segregants of this hybrid were recombinants. Furthermore when a haploid mitotic segregant of 193 , was crossed to B 2 1 2 more stable hybrids were also obtained. Eleven of the 35 mitotic segregants of the hybrid SA11 were recombinants. Such high frequencies of recombinant sectors from these hybrids should provide a system to establish genetic mapping analysis for the novel recombinant strains.


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