Summary: and some pathogenic mycobacterial species elaborate wax A consisting of related longchain β-diol components (phthiocerol and related compounds) esterified by multimethyl-branched fatty acids. With the exception of , wax A-containing mycobacteria also synthesize glycosylated phenol phthiocerol diester and related compounds: the so-called phenolic mycosides. In a deliberate effort to characterize this latter class of compounds in , 20 strains were examined. Phenolic mycosides were found in two strains. Application of chemical analyses, including one- and two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy, allowed the structural elucidation of glycolipids identified as 3--methyl-α--rhamnosyl phenol phthiocerol diphthioceranate and related compounds which correspond to mycoside G, previously characterized in by other investigators. As phenolic mycosides are highly species-specific molecules, this finding stresses the close phylogenetic link between and . Incidentally, a survey of the mycolate content of showed that methoxymycolate could not be detected in three strains.


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