A frequency matrix of positive results for phena defined in a previous phenetic classification was constructed. A total of 329 physiological characters from 782 strains was taken as the basis for this identification matrix. The minimum number of diagnostic characters for the matrix was selected using computer programs for calculation of different separation indices (CHARSEP) and selection of group diagnostic properties (DIACHAR). The resulting matrix consisted of 52 phena versus 50 characters. Overlap of phena was found to be relatively small (OVERMAT program). Identification scores for the most typical hypothetical organism of each phenon was satisfactory (MOSTTYP program). The matrix was evaluated theoretically and practically (MATIDEN program). For members of major clusters and subclusters, e.g. and , identification scores were high. Organisms of phena containing only small numbers of strains could be identified correctly, but with lower accuracy. The identification rate of the matrix (Willcox probability > 0.90) in the theoretical evaluation was 84.39%, and in the practical evaluation 78.12%.


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