Summary: The gene in activates transcription of other genes in that species. A cosmid containing cloned DNA that corrected the Nif defect of an mutant of was isolated. Following Tn5 transposon mutagenesis of the cosmid in , mutant derivatives unable to correct the mutants were obtained in two separate regions of DNA. In addition, mutations close to one of the regions conferred a complex phenotype when introduced into the genome by marker exchange. These mutants induced non-fixing nodules on peas, were slow-growing on media with succinate as C source or nitrate as N source and, when present in biovar , they failed to make melanin, a pigment that is normally synthesized by bv. . The mutated gene, termed , was fused to (which encodes β-glucuronidase); it was found that transcription of was enhanced in microaerobic conditions and that it was expressed at high levels in infection threads in pea nodules.


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