Summary: was grown in a chemostat under conditions of glutamate limitation. The effects of growth rate on production of the antibiotic granaticin, extracellular protein and protease activity as components of secondary metabolism were studied at 37, 45 and 50 °C. The amount of each secondary metabolite synthesized was highly dependent on growth rate and temperature. Granaticin yields were highest at growth rates of 0·1 to 0·15 h at 37 °C, 0·175 h at 45 °C and 0·045 h at 50 °C. Protease activity of culture supernatants responded to low nutrient concentration and/or low growth rate. Measurements of extracellular protein revealed complex changes in amount which were dependent on growth rate and temperature. At 45 °C and a growth rate of 0·15 h, biomass yield was highest between pH 5·5 to 6·5 whereas granaticin synthesis was low at pH 5·5 and rose to highest values at between pH 6·5 and 7·5.


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