Summary: A numerical analysis was performed on SDS-PAGE protein patterns of 307 strains comprising all species and 27 pathovars. The electrophoretic groupings corresponded in some, but not all cases with the existing pathovars. Six pathovars constituted distinct entities, comprising all strains investigated. These included pv. pv. pv. pv. pv. and pv. . A great number of pathovars consisted of a homogeneous group from which only one or a few strains were aberrant. In two cases ( pv. and pv. ) even the pathovar reference strain was aberrant. Six pathovars from members of the plant family could not be differentiated from one another: pv. pv. var. pv. pv. pv. and pv. . At least six pathovars were heterogeneous, displaying two or more protein electrophoretic types: pv. pv. pv. pv. pv. and pv. . A database of SDS-protein patterns provides a valuable tool for the identification of unknown xanthomonads.


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