Summary: The values and isoelectric points of glucosyltransferases synthesizing insoluble glucan (GTF-Is) were determined, and the immunological relationships between them studied. The GTF-I enzymes were from (mutans group serotype a), (mutans group serotypes and ) and (mutans group serotype ). By double immunodiffusion tests, the GTF-I enzymes from the three species possessed a common antigenic determinant; in addition, the GTF-I enzymes of serotypes and shared a further determinant. The serotypes and GTF-I enzymes were immunologically identical. The GTF-I enzymes of serotypes and , and of , had an , of 161000 and isoelectric points of 4·8-4·9, while GTF-I had a lower (150000) and a higher isoelectric point (5·2). This suggests that the GTF-I enzyme may lack a sequence of amino acids which include the determinant shared by and GTF-I enzymes. Antibodies specific to the determinant shared by all four serotypes inhibited the homologous and heterologous enzymes by 94-100%.


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