Summary: The genes encoding the 5S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) for strain 3055 were isolated and sequenced. The 5S RNA molecule encoded was 117 nucleotides long. The genome of strain 3055 contained two genes for 5S rRNA that were located close together. The nucleotide sequences of the genes exhibited less similarity to the rRNA gene of strain Moulton and also to those of typical eubacterial genes than did the rRNA genes of other leptospires. However, the overall secondary structure of the 5S rRNA encoded exhibited a strong similarity to that of typical eubacterial 5S rRNA. Southern hybridization of the 5S rRNA gene probe with the genomic DNA of strain 965, which is currently classified as , showed the latter to have close similarity to that of strain 3055. The physical map of strain 965 was quite similar to that of strain 3055 and was greatly different from that of any other strains of . In the organization of 5S rRNA genes, strain 965 is sufficiently different from other members of the genus to be regarded as a member of the genus .


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