Summary: The deduced amino acid sequence derived from the sequence of a fragment of DNA from the free-living diazotroph was aligned to the homologous protein sequences encoded by the genes from and . High similarity was found in the central domain and in the C-terminal region. The putative NifA sequence was also found to contain an interdomain linker similar to that conserved among rhizobial NifA proteins, but not or . Analysis of the regulatory sequences found 5′ from indicated that the expression of this gene in is likely to be controlled by NifA, NtrC and RpoN, as judged by the presence of specific NifA- and NtrC-binding sites and characteristic −24/−12 promoters. Possible additional regulatory features included an ‘anaerobox’ and a site for integration host factor. The N-terminus of another open reading frame was found 3′ from and tentatively identified as by amino acid sequence comparison. The putative promoter sequence suggests that expression of may be activated by NifA and dependent on RpoN.


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