Summary: Glycrol was transported in the fungus var. by a facilitated diffusion transport system with a half-saturation constant, , of 0·5 mM and a maximum velocity, , of 0·9 mmol (g dry wt) h at pH 5 and 25 °C. 1,2-Propanediol was a competitive inhibitor of glycerol transport, but the cells did not actively accumulate 1,2-propanediol. The transport system was partially constitutive. In cells grown in the presence of glucose, glycerol was not transported, indicating that the synthesis of the system was under glucose repression. Glycerol kinase and NADP-dependent glycerol dehydrogenase activities were present under all physiological conditions tested. A flavin-dependent glycerol phosphate dehydrogenase was induced only when glycerol was the sole energy source in the medium. This enzyme, together with the transport system, constitute the regulated steps in the glycerol metabolic pathway.


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