Summary: Brefeldin A (BFA) inhibited in a dose-dependent manner secretion of the cell-surface enzyme acid phosphatase (APase) into the periplasm of and caused intracellular accumulation of enzyme protein. Cells grown in the presence of BFA became more dense, implying that cell-surface growth was also blocked by BFA treatment. The APase that was accumulated intracellularly migrated faster on SDS-PAGE, suggesting less -linked glycosylation compared with the mature, periplasmic APase produced in the absence of BFA. Pulse-chase experiments and gel-filtration of oligosaccharides released by Endo H treatment suggested that the coreglycosylated precursor form of APase accumulated in the presence of BFA. These results strongly suggested that endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-to-Golgi transport in was inhibited by BFA. Aberrant membrane structures were observed in BFA-treated cells. Within 1 h of BFA removal these structures were replaced with rough ER membranes, suggesting that the accumulated membranes were derived from the ER.


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