Summary: The fumarase gene (-like) was cloned and sequenced, and a deletion mutant was constructed. This mutant had a Nod Fix phenotype in symbiosis with the host plant, soybean, and growth in minimal medium with fumarate as sole carbon source was also not affected. The cloned gene fully complemented an Fum mutant, strain JH400, for growth in minimal medium with fumarate. The predicted amino acid sequence of the FumC protein showed strong similarity to the FumC protein, CitG protein, Fum1 protein, and the mammalian fumarases. The FumC protein accounted for about 40% of the total fumarase activity in aerobically grown cells. The remaining 60% was ascribed to a temperature-labile fumarase. These data suggest that possesses two different fumarase isoenzymes, one of which is encoded by . Besides , which has three fumarases, is thus the second bacterium for which there is genetic evidence for the existence of more than one fumarase.


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