Summary: Three previously reported Tn mutants of AM1, Cou-1, Cou-3 and Cou-6, which are able to grow on methylamine but not methanol, were characterized by biochemical analyses and complementation tests using two genomic libraries of AM1. We have designated the genes defective in these mutants as and and mapped the site of Tn insertion in each. Biochemical results showed that two of these methanol oxidation (Mox) mutants, Cou-1 and Cou-3, are phenotypically similar to the previously identified MoxE class of mutant while Cou-6 resembled the MoxD class. Complementation tests and mapping the site of the Tn insertions indicated that is another Mox gene linked to and that is linked to . The Tn insertion in mapped within the gene and therefore is the first detected mutation of the gene which was identified from expression studies. A MoxE mutant of AM1 was complemented by two different cosmid clones; one carried the gene and the other contained two gene clusters, and . Hybridization experiments indicated that the gene was not present on this latter clone, and it must therefore encode a gene capable of suppressing a MoxE mutation.


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