Summary: 3AI-generated DNA fragments of the large plasmid encoding the form I antigen were cloned into with cosmid vector pHSG262. One resulting plasmid, designated pJK1137, was studied further. Restriction endonuclease mapping and analysis of transposon Tn insertion mutants demonstrated that the form I antigen genes were located within a region of about 12·6 kb consisting of the two contiguous III fragments of 1·26 kb and 12·4 kb. The results of complementation studies between Tn insertion mutants of pJK1137 and recombinant plasmids carrying different parts of the form I antigen genes indicated that the 12·6 kb DNA sequence contained at least four gene clusters, regions A, B, C and D. Analysis of radioactively labelled proteins in minicells demonstrated that the DNA sequence of about 12·6 kb coded for at least four specific proteins of 42, 23, 48 and 39 kDa. The former two were coded by region A, the latter two by region D.


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