Chromosomal DNA was extracted from toxigenic strain BL6340 isolated from a case of infant botulism. After digestion by RI, a DNA fragment of about 1 kbp was cloned into using γgt11, and was subcloned into pUC118. The cells transformed with this cloned fragment produced a 33 kDa protein which reacted with monoclonal antibodies recognizing the light chain (Lc) component of botulinum type E toxin. The nucleotide sequence of the cloned fragment was determined. The sequence was similar to that from botulinum type E toxin gene fragments previously determined by our laboratory (strains Mashike, Otaru and Iwanai). Several highly homologous sequences among the botulinum type A, C, E, butyricum and tetanus toxin genes were found in both translated and untranslated regions. These results suggest that the toxin gene of may have evolved by transfer from

: mAb, monoclonal antibody.


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