IOL-207 genomic DNA was hybridized with a 1.5 kb labelled DNA probe containing the 3' region of the coding sequence for the major outer membrane protein (MOMP) of serovar LI. An 8.5 kb .II fragment containing the complete MOMP gene was cloned into λEMBL3. Two hybridizing RI fragments were sub-cloned into the λZAP II cloning vector and the resulting plasmids were used as templates for sequencing both strands of the MOMP gene. Computer taxonomic studies using the nucleotide and inferred amino acid sequence of the MOMP of IOL-207 and all known chlamydial MOMP sequences supported the designation of as a new species, but electron microscope studies suggested that the presence of pear-shaped elementary bodies (EBs) may not be a reliable taxonomic criterion.


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