SUMMARY: Iodination of intact serotype A2 cells labelled a sub-set of total cellular proteins. Comparison of the autoradiographic patterns obtained from iodinated cells grown on complete medium and on iron-depleted medium showed that expression of three proteins, of 100,70 and 35 kDa, respectively, was increased by growth under iron-depleted conditions. Of these proteins, that of 35 kDa had not been reported previously. Like the 100 and 70 kDa proteins, the 35 kDa protein was expressed in natural infections, since it was recognized by antiserum from sheep that had recovered from an experimental infection with A2. The 35 kDa protein was partially purified by reverse-phase HPLC and was found to be antigenic in both sheep and mice. A monoclonal antibody that was specific for the 35 kDa protein was used to identify the cellular location of the protein by immunoblotting of cell fractions enriched for particular cellular components. This demonstrated that the 35 kDa protein was located mainly in the periplasm.


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