SUMMARY: mutants impaired in the utilization of arginine are affected in either the arginine succinyltransferase pathway, the arginine oxidase route, or both. However, mutants affected in one of the pathways still grow on arginine as sole carbon source. Analysis of the products excreted by both wild-type and mutant strains suggests that arginine is mainly channelled by the oxidase route. Proline non-utilizing mutants are also affected in ornithine utilization, confirming the role of proline as an intermediate in ornithine catabolism. Mutants affected in ornithine cyclodeaminase activity still grow on proline and become unable to use ornithine. Both proline non-utilizing mutants and ornithine-cyclodeaminase-minus mutants are unable to use citrulline. These results, together with induction of ornithine cyclodeaminase when wild-type is grown on citrulline, indicate that utilization of citrulline as a carbon source proceeds via proline with ornithine as an intermediate. Thus in , the aerobic catabolism of arginine on the one hand and citrulline and ornithine on the other proceed by quite different metabolic segments.


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