SUMMARY: Unique DNA sequences homologous to the linear DNA plasmid pRS64 were investigated in chromosomal DNAs of isolates belonging to anastomosis group 4 (AG-4) of the plant pathogenic fungus Chromosome-sized DNAs of isolates RI-64 and 1271 of AG-4 were separated into six bands by orthogonal-field-alternation gel electrophoresis and hybridized to a cloned segment of pRS64. A small chromosome-sized DNA band of approximately 1·1 Mb carried the sequences homologous to pRS64 DNA. Sequences homologous to pRS64 were also maintained within the chromosomal DNA of isolate 1271 of AG-4 which does not possess the plasmid. The plasmid showed no homology to the mitochondrial DNA of isolate 1271. The possibility that the linear plasmid pRS64 may act as a transposable genetic element is discussed.


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