Summary: The oral micro-organism ATCC 25975 synthesizes extracellular glucosyltransferases (GTFs) which polymerize the glucose moiety of sucrose into glucan polymers. Two separate genes encoding the activities of a GTF-I (a GTF that synthesizes an insoluble product) and a GTF-S (a GTF that synthesizes soluble product) were cloned into bacteriophage λL47.1. The inserts in the λ-clones were characterized by restriction mapping and Southern hybridization and were found to overlap, implying that the two genes lay very close to one another on the chromosome. Both genes were subcloned into phagemid vector pIBI30 where they were expressed at a high level. The GTF-I-encoding gene was named and the GTF-S-encoding gene, . Nucleotide sequencing showed that and most probably were closely related to the genes of the mutans streptococci. Sequence alignment also indicated that lay very close to and downstream from , and that both were transcribed in the same direction.


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