We initiated a genetic analysis of NCIB 11883 with particular reference to the () genes required for exopolysaccharide synthesis. Following mutagenesis with nitrosoguanidine, several mutant strains were isolated and several of the mutations were corrected by DNA cloned in a newly constructed cosmid library. Analysis of various complementing cosmids by genetic and physical criteria indicated that loci were quite widely dispersed in the bacterial genome. Certain mutations were corrected by different cosmids that shared no homologous DNA; possible explanations for this are presented. Using fusions, it was shown that some genes were, or were closely linked to, genes that specified polypeptides associated with the bacterial cell surface. By introducing the cloned genes of it was found that only one out of thirty mutants of was corrected by a defined locus of the former species; further analysis indicated that this particular gene corresponded to of . Finally, it was found that several mutants were non-mucoid on media with dicarboxylic acids as sole carbon source but appeared to be wild-type when sugars were the source of carbon.


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