Summary: The enzyme profiles of 20 oral and non-oral strains were investigated using an API ZYM Complete Research kit. The test included 10 2-naphthyl derivatives of fatty acids, 20 -nitrophenol derivatives of carbohydrates and 60 2-naphthylamide derivatives of amino acids and peptides. The oral species investigated were and . The non-oral species examined were and intestinal spirochaetes of human and chicken origin. Esterase activities on C to C fatty acids were common among different Treponema species. Glycosidase activities were infrequently observed in and Reiter strain. Arabinosidase, lactosidase and xylosidase activity was observed in the T. strains but α-L-fucosidase activity was found only in and . More exo- and endo-peptidase activities were found in than in other species. The enteropathogenic isolates had a very low proteolytic profile. Dipeptidyl prolyl amidase activity was observed in all species except in the Reiter strain and the avian intestinal spirochaetes. The enzyme profiles did not discriminate between oral and non-oral species.


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