Summary: In there is a large increase of cAMP synthesis in strains, which are deficient in the catabolite gene activator protein. In this work it was shown that this increase in cAMP synthesis does not occur in strains, deficient in both the catabolite gene activator protein and enzymelll-glucose, a component of the phosphotransferase system. It was also shown that the other components of the phosphotransferase system are required to obtain the increase of cAMP synthesis in a background. Adenylate cyclase mutants were obtained, by random mutagenesis, which had partial adenylate cyclase activity but which did not exhibit increased levels of cAMP in a background. For three mutants the mutation was identified as a single point mutation. This allowed the identification of residues arginine 188, aspartic acid 414 and glycine 463 which could be involved in the catabolite gene activator protein dependent activation process.


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