Summary: Plasmid-like DNA (plDNA) was found in 48 out of 114 field isolates of . These 48 isolates were distributed as follows among the nine anastomosis groups (AG) and intraspecific groups (ISG) recognized among Japanese isolates of : 0 in AG-1 (sasakii type), 1 in AG-1 (web-blight type), 0 in AG-2-1, 11 in AG-2-2 (rush type), 10 in AG-2-2 (root rot type), 10 in AG-3,8 in AG-4,4 in AG-5 and 4 in AG-6. Each isolate carried one, two or three plDNAs identified by gel electrophoresis. Electron microscopic analysis revealed that all these plDNAs were linear molecules. The sequence homology among plDNAs found in representative isolates was examined by Southern blot analysis, using nick-translated plDNAs as probes. Considerable sequence homology was observed among plDNAs obtained from isolates within the same AG and ISG. The plDNAs occurring in the isolates of AG-2-2 were classified into two groups on the basis of the sequence homology.


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