Summary: Ribosomal DNA (rDNA) polymorphism was compared with electrophoretic enzyme polymorphism for the intra-and interspecies differentiation of and DNA from 90 strains previously classified into six zymotypes ( and ) and into distinct enzyme electrophoretic patterns (the four other species) was digested with RI or dIII and analysed by Southern blotting. The six species were clearly differentiated from each other. In , the subclassification of biotype 1 into zymotypes 1A and 1B was also reflected in the rDNA and the four other bio-zymotypes gave four different classes of restriction pattern. In , both RI and III gave five distinct riboclasses which correlated with the zymotypes. In the four other species, the phenotype polymorphism appeared to be better correlated with the restriction fragment length polymorphism data in some enzymes than others. The data demonstrate that the inter- and intraspecies classification by rDNA polymorphism using two restriction enzymes is similar to that based on electrophoretic enzyme polymorphism. The analysis could be refined for taxonomic and epidemiological purposes by using other restriction enzymes.


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