Summary: Conditions for obtaining stable protoplasts from and their reversion to hyphal growth were determined. 1,3-β-Glucan synthase activity was detected in particulate enzyme fractions from mycelium and protoplasts of . UDP-[U-C]glucose was linearly incorporated into a β-glucan for about 20 min at 25 °C. Optimum pH and temperature values, as well as thermal stabilities of the 1,3-β-glucan synthase activity, were determined. High concentrations of EDTA were inhibitory. Enzyme activity was stimulated by ATP and GTP. The apparent value for UDP-glucose was 0·54 mM. The reaction product was characterized as 1,3-β-glucan by C NMR spectroscopy and hydrolysis products of an exo-1,3-β-glucanase.


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