Summary: Monoclonal antibody CMA134.1 reacted with a protein antigen of apparent molecular mass 22 kDa from and , and with an apparently 24 kDa antigen of , but not with other mycobacteria or related species. This antibody was used to screen a gene library of in λgt11 and identified a recombinant clone that expressed a protein with an apparent molecular mass of 19–20 kDa. Gene expression occurred from the promoter in λgt11, but used an unidentified vector promoter, possibly that of the replication primer RNA, in the final plasmid construct. The sequence of an 840 bp fragment was determined and shown to code for a product of 15 kDa. This sequence is identical to that, independently determined, of a gene from , usually referred to as the 19 kDa antigen. The reasons for the apparent size discrepancies are discussed.


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