Summary: A gene of 6715 (serotype ) designated and encoding a surface protein antigen was isolated from a cosmid gene bank. A 5.4 kb III/I DNA fragment containing the gene was inserted into plasmid pBR322 to yield plasmid pXI404. Analysis of plasmid-encoded gene products showed that the 5.4 kb fragment of pXI404 encoded a 195 kDa protein. Southern blot experiments revealed that the 5.4 kb chromosomal insert DNA had sequence similarity with genomic DNA of 6715, B13 (serotype ) and HS6 (serotype ). The recombinant SpaB protein (rSpaB) was purified and monospecific antiserum was prepared. With immunological techniques and the anti-rSpaB serum, we have shown: (1) that the rSpaB protein has physico-chemical and antigenic identity with the SpaB protein, (2) the presence of cross-reactive proteins in the extracellular protein of serotypes and of the mutans group of streptococci and (3) that the SpaB protein is expressed on the surface of mutans streptococcal serotypes and .


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