Summary: A spore germination mutant demonstrating a temperature-sensitive response to -alanine as germinant has been characterized in detail. The 58 mutation is 50% cotransformed with in the gene order . The mutation is responsible for a severe growth defect which is manifest at all growth temperatures and is most extreme on rich media. A second, unlinked, mutation in the original strain suppressed this growth defect, but spores of the suppressed strain failed to germinate in alanine at 42 °C. As this germination defect is dependent on the presence of the 58 allele, it is likely to be the direct result of a mutant protein. The gene therefore appears to have a role in both spore germination and vegetative cell growth. A gene library of /I-digested chromosomal DNA was constructed in phage vector ø105J27. A derivative containing the region was obtained by complementation of the growth defect of an unsuppressed 58 strain. This phage contained a 6.3 kb insert of bacterial DNA, which is above the reported packaging limit of the phage. It failed to form visible plaques, although it could be handled as a prophage and sufficient phage particles be isolated to allow characterization of the insert. A deletion derivative generated and carrying only 2.9 kb of insert DNA also complemented the defect. This locus is the second locus to be implicated in alanine-stimulated germination. The first, , is a developmentaly controlled operon whose gene products are present only in the spore. This study of , in contrast, reveals a role in spore germination for a normally essential vegetative protein.


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