Summary: Addition of choline (20 mM) or Tween 80 (0.06%) to the culture medium of QM 9414 increased (a) the secretion of protein under both carbon-catabolite-repressed and -derepressed conditions, and (b) cellulase secretion under carbon-catabolite-derepressed conditions. In contrast, no stimulation by choline or Tween 80 was observed with the hypersecretory strain RUT C-30. In view of the obligatory role of O-glycosylation in protein secretion by this fungus, an investigation was made into the effects on this process of choline and Tween 80. A membrane preparation was isolated from both strains of and used to assay enzymes involved in O-glycosylation. Significant differences were observed with respect to the activity of dolichol phosphate mannose (Dol-P-Man) synthase only. Strain QM 9414, grown on media supplemented with choline or Tween 80 exhibited a two- to threefold higher activity of Dol-P-Man synthase compared to a control lacking these supplements. This stimulatory effect was observed during growth under both carbon-catabolite-repressed and -derepressed conditions. In contrast, strain RUT C-30 exhibited decreased activities of Dol-P-Man synthase when grown in media supplemented with choline. Choline had no effect on Dol-P-Man synthase , whereas Tween 80 decreased the activity. Thus the effect of Tween 80 or choline on protein secretion by may be due to a stimulation of formation and/or activity of Dol-P-Man synthase, thereby elevating the level of O-glycosylation and protein secretion.


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