Summary: A conjugation system for mapping the chromosome of pv. PS224 has been developed using the IncP-10 plasmid R91-5; pMO22, a Tn-loaded derivative of R91-5; and pMO75, R91-5 loaded with Tn5. Nine different donor origins were identified with R91-5 and pMO22. By insertion of Tn5 into various sites of the chromosome, an additional six donor origins were available using pMO75 as the donor plasmid. In all, 36 markers were located on three linkage groups. Many donor strains were unstable and the limited availability of stable donor strains has limited the extent to which markers have been located. This instability of donor strains is in marked contrast to the highly stable donor strains found in using the same plasmids. As in and , auxotrophic markers in do not show the clustering of related markers found in enterobacteria.


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