Summary: Incubation of the plant pathogenic bacterium pv. with either -[3,4-C]methionine or [3,4-C]KMBA (2-keto-4-methylthiobutyric acid) led to the production of [C]MTPA (3-methylthiopropionic acid) and [C]MTAA (3-methylthioacrylic acid). When an excess of non-radioactive KMBA was present in the medium, formation of [C]KMBA from -[3,4-C]methionine was observed. Conversely, [C]methionine accumulated in a trapping pool of non-radioactive methionine as a result of biotransformation of [3,4-C]KMBA. Aminooxyacetic acid, a transaminase inhibitor, suppressed totally the formation of [C]MTPA from -[3,4-C]methionine but not from [3,4-C]KMBA. Metabolism of -[1-C]methionine liberated CO but did not produce [C]MTPA. These results demonstrate that methionine is catabolized by pv. into MTPA via transamination and subsequent decarboxylation of the intermediate α-keto acid KMBA.


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