Summary: Several linear megaplasmids were detected in the facultatively lithoautotrophic Gram-positive bacterium The wild-type strain MR11 contains, in addition to the cccDNA plasmids pHG31-a and pHG31-b, the linear plasmids pHG201 (270 kb), pHG202 (400 kb) and pHG203 (420 kb). The wild-type strain MR22 contains, in addition to the cccDNA plasmid pHG33, the linear plasmids pHG204 (180 kb), pHG205 (280 kb) and pHG206 (510 kb). After preparation of DNA from cells embedded in agarose, the linear plasmids were demonstrated by pulsed-field electrophoresis. By means of DNA probes for genes of soluble hydrogenase and ribulose-bisphosphate carboxylase, the conjugative plasmids pHG201 and pHG205 were shown to be the carriers of the genetic information for these enzymes. A restriction map of pHG201 for the enzymes I, I, I is presented.


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