Summary: Monoclonal antibodies (m Abs) against the immunodominant 60 kDa antigen, termed cross-reacting protein antigen (CRPA), were obtained by fusion of spleen cells from mice immunized with CRPA with murine myeloma cells. The reactivities of the mAbs were examined by Western blotting against extracts of and 23 other species of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Cross-reactions were recognized with a wide range of bacteria, but not with Gram-positive cocci. The reactivities were different for each mAb, suggesting that both species-specific and multiple cross-reactive epitopes were present on the CRPA molecule. CRPA was produced under heat-shock conditions in and was shown to correspond immunologically to the GroEL protein in , a protein involved in the morphogenesis of coliphage. In addition to CRPA, at least nine other major heat-shock proteins were detected by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of extracts of heat-shocked


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