Summary: While wild-type K12 cannot grow with -serine as carbon source, two types of mutants with altered methionine metabolism can. The first type, mutants, in which the methionine biosynthetic enzymes are expressed constitutively, are able to grow with -serine as carbon source. Furthermore, a plasmid carrying the gene confers ability to grow on These observations suggest that in these mutants, -serine deamination may be a result of a side-reaction of the gene product, cystathionine β-lyase: The second type is exemplified by two newly isolated strains carrying mutations mapping between 89.6 and 90 min. These mutants use -serine as carbon source, and also require methionine for growth with glucose at 37.C and above. The phenotypes of the new mutants resemble those of both and constitutive mutants in some respects, but have been differentiated from both of them.


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