SUMMARY: Water-extracted proteins from nine geographically diverse strains of , all of which agglutinated rabbit erythrocytes and rainbow trout spermatozoa, were compared by SDS-PAGE. Extracts from eight strains, including the type strain, ATCC 33209, were similar, containing a major protein of 57 kDa and a minor protein of 58 kDa. The SDS-PAGE protein profile of the Char strain did not contain the 58 kDa protein. A non-agglutinating strain, MT-239, which was also non-hydrophobic, did not produce any water-extractable protein. Immunoblot reactions with rabbit antiserum prepared against whole cells of the type strain demonstrated that the water-extracted haemagglutinins from the various strains were antigenically related. When purified by polyacrylamide gel zone electrophoresis, the haemagglutinin from ATCC 33209 formed a doublet band with molecular masses of 57 and 58 kDa, similar to the previously described F antigen. The water-extracted haemagglutinin agglutinated salmonid spermatozoa, was degraded by protease K and trypsin, and was shown to self-assemble onto the cell surface.


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